Jordan Pence, founder of SafeTrack, owner of a Kawasaki ZX6R, and racer – just like you.

Before hopping on the track myself, I was an avid track day attendee. And through my conversations with other racers and racing enthusiasts, I realized they were not getting the disability and life insurance coverage they deserved.

Thankfully, working in the financial services and insurance business, I know exactly what they need and just as importantly, I know exactly what they don’t. Too many companies sell insurance that frankly, when the rubber meets the road, doesn’t add anything to your lifeline.

Accidents happen, racers take spills and sometimes end up missing work and in those trying times the right coverage is key. But finding the right insurer can be quite the process – even for me… and I actually work in the industry.

That’s why I’m here. To actively market the best products to my friends, family and fellow racers.